Underwater Engineering Consultancy Services


The underwater and subsea engineering consultancy services provided by the company bring together experience in the following fields.

• Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

• Manned Underwater Vehicles

• ROV tooling packages

  • Suction Anchor Pumps
  • ROV Dredge Pumps

• Hydraulic Power Systems

• Diving Equipment

• Life Support Systems

• Handling Systems and Lifting Gear

• Solving Structural Cracking Problems

• Pressure vessel design

• Submersible Hatch design

• Submersible Viewport Design

• Operational experience in offshore operations.

The mix of theoretical and practical experience provides a sound base for :-

• Feasibility Studies

• Specification and design

• Writing Contract specifications

• Tender Evaluation

• Safety, risk, reliability, failure mode and similar analyses.

• Systems design

• Systems upgrades

• Failure investigation

• Problem Solving

One of the main specialities is carrying out system evaluation and failure investigations especially where intermittent faults are the source of the problem.

Consultancy & Management

Consultancy, design, project engineering and project management expertise includes the following

Man riding winch systems.

Hydraulic power systems.

High pressure gas systems.

Concept, specification and oversight of commissioning a triple redundant safety critical control system.

Hydraulic Crane intermittent "freefall" problem investigation.

Project Engineer Piper "A" salvage recovery operations.

Field Project Engineer Piper "A" demolition.

Crane boom cracking investigation and repair.

Structural cracking investigations.

ROV deployment studies.

Dredging and drill cutting removal studies.

Saturation life support system studies.

Engineering support for submersible operations.

Escape system evaluation.

Pressure vessel design

Pressure vessel evaluations.

Pressure system evaluations.

Installation and commissioning equipment installed on offshore vessels and rigs.

Engineering Support Services:

Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd has used the skills that have been accumulated during more than thirty years of experience to generate innovative products and to provide tailored services and solutions for the underwater industry.

The engineering skills cover a wide range of disciplines. The multi disciplinary capability ensures that all relevant factors are considered in order to arrive at a fully integrated solution.

The key is to take a problem back to basics and then logically develop a simple elegant solution.

Concept Study / Project Definition:

Challenging problems can be solved with innovative economical solutions. The in depth expertise permits the development of coherent and simple concepts. Clear lucid specifications can then be drawn up to pass the concept on to design, manufacture and commissioning.






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